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  • Star College by DBT (Govt. of India)
  • FIST supported by DST
  • Designated College with Potential for Excellence
  • Accredited ‘A’ by UGC-NAAC
  • Kaushal Kendra by UGC, MHRD, Govt. of India and first College under GNDU to have been granted Kaushal Kendra
  • Best College in Punjab as per the Surveys

Research Projects

  • UGC Funded Research Projects (38)
    # Project Project Head Project Cost / Type Status
    1 Optical and Non Linear Optical Properties of Nanopatterned Novel Glasses Dr. (Mrs.) Gopi Sharma Department - Physics ₹ 3,646,388Major Completed
    2 Nanocrystaline Phase of Oxy Flouride Glasses as Scintillation Material Dr. (Mrs.) Gopi Sharma Department - Physics ₹ 1,824,000Major Completed
    3 Rural Geographical Information System Dr. Pardeep Arora Department - Computer Science & Applications ₹ 1,146,800Major Completed
    4 Status of Women Investors in the Indian Capital Market – An Empirical Study Dr. (Ms.) Neeraj Maini Department - Commerce ₹ 630,000Major Completed
    5 Nano Structured Molecular Sensor based upon Doped / Undoped ZnO Films prepared by different techniques. Dr. Sonik Bhatia Department - Physics ₹ 1,093,800Major Completed
    6 Data Mining and Analysis of Indian Origin Academicians in Foreign Universities for Exploring Opportunities of Academic Interaction Dr. Pardeep Arora Department - Computer Science & Applications ₹ 6,061,265Major Completed
    7 Tailoring the Conducting Properties of SHI Irradiated Polyaniline Metal Halide Composites Dr. (Mrs.) Sangeeta Prashar Department - Physics -Major Only Facility Available
    8 Multidimensional Investigation on Aprostocetus Purpureus, a Resurgent Parasitoid of Indian Lac Insect, Kerria Lacca (Kerr) for Devising Lac Crop Management Strategies Dr. Archana Saini Department - Zoology ₹ 2,843,697Major Ongoing
    9 Rare Earth Doped Tellurite and Borate Glass Nanocomposites for Photonic Applications Dr. (Mrs.) Neetu Chopra Department - Physics ₹ 3,254,020Major Ongoing
    10 Tissue Culture Studies in Stevia Dr. Jaswinder Kaur Department - Botany ₹ 490,600Major Completed
    11 Rare Earth Doped Glass Nanocrystal Composites – Optical & Physical Characterization Dr. (Mrs.) Gopi Sharma Department - Physics ₹ 1,096,300Major Completed
    12 Nano Structured Sensors by Different Techniques Dr. Sonik Bhatia Department - Physics ₹ 1,100,000Major Completed
    13 Wave Propagation in Porous Media Mr. Ashish Arora Department - Physics ₹ 294,000Major Completed
    14 Tailoring the Conducting Properties of SHIIirradiated Polyanaline Metal Halide Composites Dr. (Mrs.) Sangeeta Prashar Department - Physics ₹ 300,000Minor Completed
    15 Punjab ki Hindi Patarkartia – Vividh Aayam Dr. (Mrs.) Rupika Sharma Department - Hindi ₹ 180,000Minor Completed
    16 Ben Jonson’s Theory and Practice of Comedy – A Deconstructionist Perspective Mrs. Mohini Sharda Department - English ₹ 25,000Minor Completed
    17 Performance Evaluation of Non Banking Finance Companies Mrs. Seema Jyoti Department - Commerce ₹ 80,000Minor Completed
    18 B.C. Sanyal – Life and Works Ms. Manan Sachdeva Department - Fine Arts ₹ 34,999Major Completed
    19 Information Needs of Investors Dr. (Ms.) Neeraj Maini Department - Commerce ₹ 40,000Minor Completed
    20 Internet Use by College Teachers Dr. Suman Khurana Department - Computer Science & Applications ₹ 40,000Minor Completed
    21 Drama – Changing Scenario of Woman (Punjabi Natak-Istari De Badlde Roop) Dr. (Mrs.) Harpreet Department - Punjabi ₹ 30,000Minor Completed
    22 VAT – Issues and Concerns (A Study in Punjab) Mrs. Amarpreet Khurana Department - Economics ₹ 35,000Minor Completed
    23 Sangeet aur Sanskriti ‘Mulyankan’ Mrs. Neelam Bala Department - Music (Vocal) & Music (Instrumental) ₹ 100,000Minor Completed
    24 Dematerialisation in India – A study of Investors Perceptions Dr. (Mrs.) Sabina Batra Department - Commerce ₹ 45,000Minor Completed
    25 Thomas Hardy’s Delineation of A ‘Feminist’ Woman – Sue Bridehead Mrs. Rituparna Datta Roy Department - English ₹ 30,000Minor Completed
    26 Business Process Outsourcing – Impact on Indian Economy Mrs. Rashmi Sharma Department - Commerce ₹ 25,000Minor Completed
    27 Human Rights Violation in Leather Industry Dr. Monika Rani Department - Mathematics ₹ 80,000Minor Completed
    28 Bhartiya Uchh Adhian Sansthan Shimla Mein Amntrit Sahityakaro Ka Hindi Sahitya Ko Awdaan Dr. (Mrs.) Vinod Kalra Department - Hindi ₹ 55,000Minor Completed
    29 Monetary Transmission Mechanism in India Evidence from Firm Level Data Dr. Jatinder Pal Department - Economics ₹ 60,000Minor Completed
    30 Characterization of Undoped and Doped Zinc Oxide Films prepared by different techniques Dr. Sonik Bhatia Department - Physics ₹ 100,000Minor Completed
    31 Abhiraj Rajendra Praneet Sanskrit Kathasahitya – Ek Samikashtmak Adhyayan Dr. (Mrs.) Neeraj Sharma Department - Sanskrit ₹ 60,000Minor Completed
    32 Gamma Irradiation Effect on Alkali Boarate Glasses for Shielding and Reactor Applications Structural Optical and Physical Analysis Dr. (Mrs.) Neetu Chopra Department - Physics ₹ 190,000Minor Completed
    33 Optical and Physical Characterization of Glass Ceramic Composities Mrs. Parminder Kaur Department - Physics ₹ 100,000Minor Completed
    34 To Study the Impact of Social Media on Youth based on Machine Learning Dr. Pardeep Arora Department - Computer Science & Applications ₹ 30,000Under Seed Money -
    35 The Role of Media in Higher Education ₹ 20,000Under Seed Money -
    36 Solution of Non-Linear Differential Equations Using Non-Perturbation Methods Dr. Monika Rani Department - Mathematics ₹ 30,000Under Seed Money -
    37 Social Networking Sites – A Comparative Study of Youth Belonging to Urban & Rural Area (A study of Women Colleges in Jalandhar City) Mrs. Rashmi Bindra Department - Commerce ₹ 22,000Under Seed Money -
    38 Application of Erikson’s theory – A Psycho-Social Perspective on Saadat Hasan Manto’s Selected Works Mrs. Seema Jain Department - English ₹ 11,000Under Seed Money -
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