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  • Star College by DBT (Govt. of India)
  • FIST supported by DST
  • Designated College with Potential for Excellence
  • Accredited ‘A’ by UGC-NAAC
  • Kaushal Kendra by UGC, MHRD, Govt. of India and first College under GNDU to have been granted Kaushal Kendra
  • Best College in Punjab as per the Surveys

KMV Organizes a One Week Awareness Campaign to Observe Annular Solar Eclipse Scientifically

Motivates the Society to Develop the Scientific Aptitude in the Country

Kanya Maha Vidyalaya- the Autonomous and Heritage institution, Ranked No1in India by India Today Ranking, 2019 have always encouraged its students to develop the optimum level of scientific aptitude among themselves. Therefore, the students of KMV took the event of Solar Eclipse as an exciting learning opportunity.Under the guidance of teachers, all the science students of KMV organised a special one week social awareness camp for motivating other students and to the society as a whole to observe solar eclipse scientifically and not from any sort of superstitious point of view. In this programme KMVites demonstrated very simple methods to prepare instruments to be used as an aid. Students also shared video recordings of these demonstrations among all their contacts. Thus, KMVites became team leaders of society discarding all the superstitions prevailing, despite being restricted to stay at their homes due to the pandemic situation. All the students as well as faculty members of KMV not only joined National Campaign on Annular Solar Eclipse 2020 organised by Vigyan Prasar but also observed solar eclipse by their own. Where the national campaign broadcasted updated position of moon, KMVites themselves noticed changes occurring in the shape of the Sun. Students as well as faculty members shared photographs of their observed diffraction pattern. Principal Prof. (Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi congratulated all the participants for taking advantage of this rare event. She advised all the students as well as faculty members in advance to take extra precautions to protect their eyesight.She averred that despite of all the constraints due to COVID-19 pandemic, KMV is still on the learning path and moreover, it is also encouraging the society to think on the scientific patterns rather than to believe in any kind of superstitions. She further maintained that nature can answer our every question but it all depends upon our nature of questioning.




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