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KMV Organizes a Webinar on Novel Coronavirus: Issues & Preventions

Event Date

April 20, 2020

Dr Aeshita Dwivedi, Cardiologist, NYU Medical Centre, New York, USA Delivers Talk During Webinar


Kanya Maha Vidyalaya- the Heritage & Autonomous institution, Seat of Women Empowerment, Ranked No.1 in India by India Today Ranking (various categories) is serving the society ceaselessly in these difficult days of lockdown through various initiatives. In another initiative, KMV organized a Webinar with Dr Aeshita Dwivedi, Cardiologist, NYU Medical Centre, New York, USA on Novel Coronavirus: Issues & Preventions. The webinar was organized in order to spread the awareness regarding COVID-19, its spread and its precautions. In a 40 minute webinar, Dr Aeshita accurately explained what coronavirus is and what its origin is. She also vividly explained that what precautions should a person take in order to prevent this disease & also explained the importance of social distancing as it is the only method to stop the spread of this virus. She elaborated on the fact that the development of the vaccine for the treatment of COVID-19 will take some more time as it needs to be clinically tested before it reaches to the masses. She stressed on the fact that if any member of a family experiences the symptoms of this virus, then that family member should be isolated in a room and he/she should avoid any sort of contact with the others. She also explained that Hydroxychloroquine medicine can be used only under the guidance of doctor in order to slow down the infection as many scientists from all across the world are working day and night to develop the effective vaccine and medicine for COVID-19. During the conclusion, Dr Aeshita suggested that everybody should take care of their health, should follow the guidelines issued by the government on social distancing & should follow a healthy lifestyle in order to develop immunity against this virus. Principal Prof. (Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi averred that this webinar will prove to be very informative for all as it will clear various doubts surrounding the COVID-19. Madam Principal extended her gratitude to Dr Aeshita Dwivedi for sparing her valuable time for this webinar & maintained that KMV will continue to organize such webinars in future also so that people can be made aware about this pandemic. Ms Sonampreet was the moderator for the session. Madam Principal lauded the efforts of Dr Madhumeet and Dr Pardeep for successfully organizing the webinar.


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